Jenin & the Nakba Between Us

جنين والنّكبة بيننا  | Jenin & the Nakba Between Us, 90 / 52 min, in production

Armed with a Canadian passport, a diasporic Palestinian filmmaker sets out to visualize her family’s oral history in Jenin, an agricultural town that her father fled in the wake of the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967. Seeing Jenin for the first time, she is unable to reconcile the nostalgic memories of the exiled with the daily realities of Palestinians living under military rule. Guided by local farmers, street vendors, taxi drivers, and even a geography teacher, she tries to capture an elusive place and reality, unaware that post-October 7th her footage would become a haunting record of a besieged community under constant threat of violent destruction and erasure.

Director & Editor: Serene Husni
Producers: Rula Nasser, Marc Serpa Francoeur

Produced The Imaginarium Films & Lost Time Media with support from the Arab Fund for Arts & Culture, Canada Council for the Arts, FilmLab: Palestine, Ontario Arts Council, Toronto Arts Council, and the Palestine Film Institute